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about us


Hi, I'm Cara! For the past seven years my husband and I, along with our three daughters have lived at a Young Life camp in Central Oregon. After a life lived in awe of pregnancy, labor and birth, it was there that I began pursuing the education and training to become a doula. For four years, I have had the deep pleasure of joining families in one of the most sacred spaces of their story: welcoming new life.  

I am thrilled to be back in our hometown, serving families in Knoxville, Tennessee and surrounding areas. No matter where you plan to birth or how you want to do it, I would love to use my experience and knowledge to empower, comfort, and encourage you and your partner in a birth story that leaves you full of joy and wonder!

Have more questions about booking, how I can serve you, or even what in the world a doula is? Go on and peruse this page for more info, or scroll straight to the bottom to contact me directly!




Our Services


Initial Consultation- free

I offer a free face-to-face consultation for each new client. As your doula, I am aware that I am being invited to sacred space. During our consultation I hope for us to get to know one another and ensure I would be a good fit for your family. 

Birth doula SERVICES

Yonder Birth + Doula Services offers a full spectrum birth doula package.

-Unlimited support via text, phone, or email.

- 2 prenatal visits where we will discuss any prior pregnancies and births, fears, concerns, hopes, and desires for your upcoming birth. You will receive access to my lending library, referrals to community resources, and evidenced based information regarding medical interventions and testing.

- 4 weeks of 24/7 on-call services surrounding your due date (38-42 weeks unless otherwise requested)

- My continuous presence to offer emotional and physical support during your entire labor and delivery.

- Immediate postpartum and breastfeeding support.

- 1 postpartum home visit. There we will discuss your birth experience, troubleshoot any concerns, check-in emotionally, and offer any referrals necessary.

placenta encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation is an absolutely amazing supplement to support your body in a number of ways. Below are just a few of the benefits you may experience:

- Increased milk supply
- Lessened postnatal bleeding
- Increased energy
- Increased iron levels
- Balanced hormones
- Reduced risk of “baby blues” and postpartum depression




sweet words

We simply would not have had such a positive experience without Cara as our doula. She calmly talked through each contraction, explaining the build up, climax, and release of my body, speaking just loud enough for me to hear. I knew I could do at least one more because she was there. She brought comfort, confidence, strength, and peace to us during the labor and birth of our daughter.
— Natalie

Cara was an irreplaceable part of my pregnancies, birth and postpartum experiences with both of sons. With the first, my labor was long and progressed very slowly. When I think back to that, it was her words of encouragement that I really held onto when I thought I might be in labor forever. My second son came in a quarter of the time and with circumstances that could have been scary, but again, Cara’s calm filled the room and her gentle words and the touch of her hands gave me, my husband and our baby an overwhelmingly beautiful birth experience. She is genuine, she is your advocate, and she is truly gifted as a doula.
— Kendall

Labor is such a mental AND physical game. As a doula, Cara offered full support both physically and emotionally. She was right there coaching me through every contraction, and right there in my face telling me exactly what to do whether I was pushing or holding back a push. She always knew the exact thing to say to boost my confidence through each labor progression. This is what I needed, and Cara had taken the time beforehand to get to a handle on who I was and my preferences. Also, I have to say the girl gives some magical back rubs and will work out any cramp. Cara was created for this job, you won’t regret having her as your doula!
— Sarah







I would love to answer any and all questions you have! Whether you want to hear more about what in the world a doula even is, would like referrals for resources, want to set up a free consultation, or are ready to book services, please fill out the form below. I cannot wait to see how I can help!

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